Our team

“At least a trainer who knows what he is talking about !”

This reflection read on an appraisal form expresses better than a long speech how much our customers appreciate that our trainers are professionally credible.


Because they have had several experiences and, hence, have acquired a wide-range knowledge of the business world , our 15 consultants know what organizations are like, what their managers expect and what it feels like to be an employee. Their pragmatism and field practice give their contributions the impact required to achieve the expected results.


Our consultants, most of them senior ones, are selected on the basis of three criteria:

  • Experience in using the techniques they teach : our consultants are to have worked at least 10 years in the field they teach.
  • Experience in how the human being works: every consultant is to have a substantial theoretical and practical background in terms of communication and human relationships.
  • Sharing Manacoach's values : our consultants must be enthusiastic, transparent and show respect for people