Manacoach - who are we?

We are convinced that organizations develop through developing managers and employees. This is why we integrate the personal dimension into the professional performance, a sine qua non to obtain concrete and durable results.


Manacoach is a limited company, founded in 1987, certified customer satisfaction.

Manacoach's motto is "implement your strategies, give meaning to your actions"


For 23 years we have steadily been developing professionalism and quality in our three crafts:

Training, the foundation stone we started building on . Our topics:

o Communication skills

o Leadership skills

o Performance management

o Sales coaching

o Change management

o Team building


Coaching, individual and team coaching


HR Consultancy on

o setting up systems to manage performance

o analyzing and implementing your company culture

o accompanying change

o …


Your warranty

Training, coaching and management consultancy: here are 5 guarantees that we always deliver effective service:


Regular audits

We are regularely audited by accredited bodies (Q*For, Walloon and Flemish "Cheques Formation" )


Thorough briefing

For our offers to perfectly meet your needs, we work on the basis of a thorough briefing that focuses on your reality and your objectives.

We then work out a running master and arrange for a preparatory contact between you and the consultants

Systematic assessment

The assessment process is systematic because we regard assessment as a follow-up and anchoring tool for the trainees and as a permanent quality control tool for our consultants


Privileged environment

We have an optimal infrastructure to give our training programs: didactic material, fully fitted training rooms, privileged location



The follow-up, quality and consistency of the projects within a same company/department is ensured by a project leader


Our values:

  •  We believe in enthusiasm;
  •  We are transparent
  •  We respect people.




Manacoach SA

rue des communes 2

1470 Baisy-Thy

tel: 0032/(0)67 77 27 27

fax: 0032/(0)67 79 06 46